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Suspension of test certificates

Using this page you can request suspension of your test certificate. Thereby, you can test the compatibility of your signature creation/validation software (e.g. e-Szignó) or e-mail software with the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) and Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) services of the e-Szignó Certificate Authority.

It is not possible to suspend expired, revoked or already suspended certificates. If the status of your certificate is one of these, you will be notified during the suspension operation.

Data required for the suspension of the test certificate

Please specify the following data:
  1. The serial number of your test certificate in hexadecimal format. This can be found in the certificate.
  2. The 6-10 character suspension password you specified in your request for the test certificate. (For test certificates the default value is: 123456)
  3. The reason for the suspension of your certificate. You can choose this from the drop-down list. The reason will be indicated in the Certificate Revocation List once the suspension is turned into a permanent revocation.